Minesweeper Solver

On this website you can download a solver for the Minesweeper program.


Click here to download the solver: minesolver.zip (only 12.8 kB)

The GPL-licenced source code can be downloaded here: minesolversource.zip

What does it do?

This program tries to solve the game of minesweeper. It will never guess, I have never seen it make a mistake (if it happens with you, make sure you didn't move the mouse in the minesweeper window while solving).
The program is not perfect, there are many more advanced situations where it doesn't know how to continue, in these cases you have to help it a bit. Sometimes, if the level is very hard, it will need a lot of help, sometimes it solves the Expert level in a second or 2.

How to use it?

How does it work?

This program does not use some weird memory-hacking technique, it just plain takes a screen-shot of the minesweeper window.
Second, it analyzes the field, and it determines on which tiles to click.
Last, it makes minesweeper think you clicked on these tiles.
This is done in a loop, because it is not possible to reveal the entire field with one screenshot.


I got the highscore!


The Authoritative Minesweeper
A lot of info about minesweeper, and a world record list! Also various versions of Microsoft Minesweeper can be found here.


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