Does your phone run Android?
Try Soko++!

Other Sokoban games by me:

Sokoban++ 3D

3D OpenGL Sokoban for Windows.

Sokoban++ for macOS

Sokoban++ for Apple macOS computers.

SQL Sokoban

Run Sokoban on a MS SQL server.

Flash Sokoban

Another online playable version, written in Macromedia Flash

Sokoban junkyard

Use at your own risk!

Other Sokoban clones:

YASC (Yet Another Sokoban Clone)

Brian Damgaard's well-known Sokoban clone.

Sokoban by Björn Källmark

This is also one of the famous versions of Sokoban (not free anymore, but shareware)

WinSoko (R. Vasicek's homepage)

This site also includes a very complete list of Sokoban links

Games 4 Brains, the creators of SokoFun
The homepage of SokoFun

Two sites of Games 4 Brains SokoFun, a shareware Sokoban clone from germany

George Petrov's Sokoban page

The Sokoban implementation for Windows with the best mouse control of all. Site also includes a Hexoban implementation (Sokoban on a hexogonal grid).

Sokoban online - JSoko

JSoko is a Java program for playing the Sokoban game.

Links to not Sokoban-related sites:

My homepage

Some more small games made by me

Sokoban++ related:

Website of Alberto Pettarin

Homepage of the Italian translator