Does your phone run Android?
Try Soko++!

Creating a portable version of Sokoban++:

Follow these steps to create a "portable" version of Sokoban++. "Portable" software does not write your settings and solutions to your user profile, but instead stores all it's data in the same folder as Sokoban.exe. This is useful when you like to put Sokoban++ on a USB thumbdrive.

  1. Create a new folder for the portable version (not in Program files, because write access is needed)
  2. Copy the contents of Program Files\Sokoban++\ to the new folder
  3. Copy \Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Sokoban++\config.ini to the new folder
  4. Create a new sub folder "users"
  5. Copy \Users\[your name]\AppData\Roaming\Sokoban++\Saves.sav to the users folder (Change the name to "[your name].sav")