Sokoban junkyard

Here you can find a few sokoban-related software programs and utilities:

Sokoban++ Statistics
Run this tool to get a overview of how many levels you have solved of a folder of levelsets. (screenshot)

Sokoban .XSB Shell Icons
This Windows shell extension shows a small preview of a level in the icon of a .XSB file. (screenshot) This only works on Windows 2000 / XP.

Sokoban Animator
Use this utility to create a Sokoban solution animation like this

Sokoban Website Generator 1.1
Use this utility to generate a HTML page like this or this

Run this program from the command prompt.

BoxWorld Level extractor
Use this program to extract the levels from the BoxWorld game (100 levels). This program makes it a xsokoban format textfile.

Run this program from the command prompt.

Solution Rotator
Use this to change UDLR strings for rotated/flipped levels.

Prolog Solver Generator
This program generates a solver for a level in the Prolog language. The solver is very bad, more than 2 boxes is taking way too long to solve. You need a Prolog compiler to run the generated solver, for example SWI-Prolog. From the prolog command prompt, simply type "solve." (including the dot) to start the solving.

Sokoban++ 3D for GNU/Linux (X Window System) (Screenshot)
This is a port of Sokoban++ 3D to the GNU/Linux operating system. Compiled on Red Hat Linux 7.3, known to work on RH 9.0, but may also work on others. It is very incomplete.

Known bug: Resizing the sokoban window does not work as expected.

Sokoban.NET version 0.1
I guess I should have called this "Sokoban#", but anyway this is a simple version of Sokoban for the .NET platform, written in C#.

Requires Microsoft .NET framework (any version). You can download this software from Microsoft Windows Update or from the Microsoft Download Center

SQL Sokoban
This is perhaps the most useless version of Sokoban around, but it still has it's own web page. It will allow you to play Sokoban from within SQL Server (e.g. Query Analyser).

Sokoban Island
Now book your vacation to Sokoban++ island! (Terragen generated image)