Soko++ - Sokoban for Android

Soko++ is a free Sokoban game for Android phones and tablets. You can download it from Google Play


Sokoban is a puzzle game which is played by one player. The objective is to push all boxes to the destination area. Soko++ is optimized for touch screen devices, and you can use your finger to select and move boxes easily. Soko++ also features unlimited undo/redo and warns you when you push a box into a corner which would make it unsolvable.

Many levels are built into Soko++, and a unique feature is that you can download new levels from within Soko++ yourself.

The solutions to all built in levels can be found on the Solutions page. When you want to copy your solutions to another device/computer, here are a few tips about sharing solutions.


These screenshots show the default skin; Soko++ also supports custom skins


Soko++ can be translated, for more info, see Translations

Solver plug-ins

If you are a developer, you can read how to write a Solver Plug-in