Soko++ - Sharing solutions

You can use the Copy/paste commands from the Open position screen to copy one solutions at a time, but when you want to copy many solutions at once you need something better. Here are two common scenarios:

Copying your solutions to Soko++ on a new device

You can manually export/import all solutions in Soko++. Select "About" from the main menu, and in the About box, select the backup or restore menu. Your solutions will be saved in a file /Android/data/nl.joriswit.soko/files/positions-backup.csv. You can copy this to a new device in the same folder, and use the restore menu there.

Copying to a different Sokoban game

If you want to export all your solutions to a standard Sokoban file readable by many Sokoban games, you can convert the positions-backup.csv file using Sokoban++ for Windows. Note: These steps require intermediate skill in Windows Explorer.

  1. Create a portable version of Sokoban++, to make the required file operations easier.
  2. Load the levels in Sokoban++ (you can also load multiple levelsets at once)
  3. Use the Import positions menu item to import the positions-backup.csv file. Unfortunately this imports them to the "General solutions" list, instead of the "Personal solutions" list, while the "Export positions" menu exports from the "Personal solutions" list.
  4. Exit Sokoban++
  5. Rename the General.sav file in the users folder to Positions from Android.sav.
  6. Start Sokoban++, and switch to the "Positions from Android" user.
  7. Use the "Export positions" menu to save in SOK format.

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