Soko++ - Solutions

If you want to get the solutions to the 834 levels that are built into Soko++, you can use one of the following methods:

Solutions App

The recommended method is to install a seperate solutions app on your device. This way, you can only get one solution at a time. This app is a plug-in for Soko++. It registers itself as a "Solver". You can start it using the "Start solver" menu from the Open position screen.

Download the solutions App from Google Play

Backup file

The alternative is to download a backup file with all solutions. If you restore this on your device, all levels will be marked as "Solved". The solutions will merge with your own solutions. To use this file, extract positions-backup.csv to the folder /Android/data/nl.joriswit.soko/files/ on your SD card. Then, go to the About box, and use the menu 'Restore positions'.



I also made a list of the included solutions (warning: big page!). Note that these solutions are not optimized!

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